What Does Every Merchant Need To Know About Ecommerce Tools

Ecommerce is growing at a phenomenal rate every year for the past 4 years and getting even better. The e-commerce market experienced an unbelievable growth of 24% in the first year of its launch in 2017. E-commerce sales exceeded $ 5 billion in the United States alone during the next year. The rapid rate at which manufacturers, retailers, stockists, merchants, and even consumers are switching over to e-commerce has made this a very lucrative business.  

Understanding Best Ecommerce Tools Every Merchant Needs:

E-commerce site owners and all stakeholders associated with e-commerce are required to use the latest technology, the best content, and the best tools to mainly drive traffic towards them. The trend is to draw more visitors to the sites and give them a meaningful experience, often a new type of experience that will attract them to an eCommerce site and bring them again and again. 

Ecommerce Tools

In addition to site designing and enriching, every e-commerce merchant needs to use E-commerce tools to get that competitive edge that spells success.


Oberlo is basically a dropshipping tool. This option is very convenient for merchants, particularly new entrants as all they need to do is team up with suppliers and manufacturers who not only find the items ordered but even ship them to customers. The biggest advantage of Oberlo is that site owners and retailers do not need to verify and check individual drop shippers or worry about multiple shipping bills if the items in an order are from different sites. Oberlo takes care of all that.


Talkable, was born out of the need for referrals, particularly necessary in a virtual world as compared to known retail chains and branded stores. This need was felt after an ambassador survey found that 82 percent of Americans prefer referrals from friends, acquaintances, and relatives to initiate a purchase. This initiative proved beneficial as 14 percent of the people studying referrals bought items from e-commerce sites. More customer surveys found that 88% of people like to be offered incentives in the form of promos and discounts while making online purchases and today eCommerce sites are happy to offer wide choices.

Groove HQ

One of the most important tools was conceived out of the grey area of customer service. It was expected that dedicated customer service would take a back seat during the initial days of eCommerce launching. As e-commerce progressed, customer service became a sore issue and, at one time, 67 per consumers were found to change brands as a result of poor customer service. This loss percolated to businesses and a survey back in 2019 found that there was a loss of $75 billion due to customer service-related issues. Groove HQ provides a unique system for customer service. All the owner of an E-commerce site needs to do is raise a ticket to Groove HQ on receiving a complaint and this unique site handles everything from talking to customers and even arranging a service visit.


Bigcommerce is a tool that helps eCommerce sites to manage multiple sales channels for a surveyed 73 percent of shoppers who prefer shopping from multiple sites and channels in a single shopping spree.     

Click meeting

Click meeting uses the platform of webinars and online presentations to promote sales on eCommerce sites.

These eCommerce sites have attached blogs, visuals, close to real experiences, and even designed their sites with topics of common interest such as music, health and fitness, and several other themes that customers can identify themselves with and give them a whole new experience.

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