Work, family balance… what is it?


In this video I share the No1. strategy top entrepreneurs use to make sure you keep nurturing your family relationships. #FortuneFriday

As entrepreneur’s we can often be caught up in what we’re doing as it is so exciting for us but when we share it with our non-entrepreneur circle it lands slightly different. Some of this is because we have probably told them a million times about our business, where we live and breath our work many others are quite happy to leave work behind at the end of the day. We could learn a lot from these people as they have figured out how to go home and spend time with family. It is not that easy for an entrepreneur as we live and breath our work… so an added top tip for you is to just take a breath and before you want to start talking about your business with your friends and family just listen and learn from them and you may just learn how to enjoy your family and friends time with so much more depth.

Now I know as an entrepreneur you NEED a space to chat about entrepreneurship as we really do think differently so come and join us in The Gutsy Entrepreneurs Exchange where you can chat about your business to your hearts content. Enjoy the video

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