Who wants to write a book?

Are you thinking of writing a book? #FortuneFriday One of the best decision I made for my business last year!

As I discribe in the video what I have found is that by attending this 2 day workshop and building a plan for my book it has enabled me to at the same time know what to do in my business. I have a clear message now because my book is guiding me and as I symultaniously write my book I build my business alongside it.

All the shinny pennies can’t distract me becasue I know it is all about Mind – Body – Business for me. My mission is to make sure that entreprenuers who have built a good business but forgot to build their health into it have the chance to fit the most important part into their business now….Them!

I am a predominantly online business and this is a new way of doing business there are things we do that the former way of doing business just don’t do. Systems for automation, ways to build your business to allow you time for you. As you can tell I am in Love with what I do and I just want to share that wealth of knowledge with you so check out the video.

You can also book a free 20min discovery call with me if you would like to find out how I can help you build your health and life back into your business! Click here to book

Karen is coming to Edinburgh here is the info on her course:
I said June in video; the book workshop in Edinburgh is actually in running on July 1-2nd check out details here: https://karenwilliams.sendmedetails.com/book2017 or connect with Karen Williams if you had any Q.

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