Miracle Morning {part 1}

What is the Miracle Morning and why should I be doing it?
The Miracle morning was written by Hal Elrod and the main takeaways are if you want to improve your sustainability in business and life to build a morning practice that gives to you on a deep level.
As busy entrepreneur’s we often feel like we can’t stop as the list is never done, especially when you’re business starts kicking off and you have more clients than time. All too many times this surprises you and if you have not installed your health and life into your business from the beginning you may well be feeling the cracks starting to show, headaches, tiredness also weight around your stomach are all signs that your health needs attention.
I can help build health and life back into your business and for the next 4 weeks I will be covering the miracle morning and how to craft it so that it perfectly works for you, your life and your business.

This week I am covering the first section of the miracle morning plan where the first things I do is drink and meditate. I know time is always an issue so if you see in the video I multi-task my time… or rather I find time within time.. pockets of time that exist but we seem to not utilise them and yet we say we have no time. For instance; if you check out the video I perform 3 nourishing tasks in the morning but finding the pockets of time within time.

I put the kettle on and while it boils I make and drink my lemon water, then when I have finished drinking it I make my T, then while my T cools (which takes about 5 mins) I meditate.. see I just found 5 mins of mind calm withing my T drinking experience then when I drink my T I am calm and enjoy every sip.

Next week I will be going into the next section of my plan… check out the video to find out what it is.

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