Miracle Morning {part 3}

Miracle morning part 3: Nutrition
We have been walking through 3 weeks of a Miracle Morning covering Meditation: Excercise and now Nutrition. The Miracle Morning is a way of crafting your morning to ensure success as you build a strong foundation with which to build a sustainable business with You and Your health at the center.
Next week we will be discussing the shower technique I use and the power of affirmations.

The Chia seed pudding I talk about in this weeks video is so easy to make and as I describe it gives your body so much nutrience even if you just add that into your day you are moving towards the path of nutrtionally supporting your body for life & business.

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To check out week 1 and 2 miracle morning visit my website they are all there on my vlog along with other awesome videos. Here: http://theentrepreneurshealthcoach.com/vlog/ #GutsyEntrepreneur

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