Who wants to write a book?

Are you thinking of writing a book? #FortuneFriday One of the best decision I made for my business last year! As I discribe in the video what I have found is that by attending this 2 day workshop and building a plan for my book it has enabled me to at the same time know […]

Miracle Morning {part 1}

What is the Miracle Morning and why should I be doing it? The Miracle morning was written by Hal Elrod and the main takeaways are if you want to improve your sustainability in business and life to build a morning practice that gives to you on a deep level. As busy entrepreneur’s we often feel […]

Coaches Who Can’t be Coached!

Everyone needs a coach….. especially a coach! If you are entrusted with guiding another human life towards their greatness you need to be able to take critical feedback. I am a coach for entrepreneurs who are needing guidance to keep their health and life while building their business. And I ‘get coached’ I want to […]

Just Breath

Do you want to learn a way to calm your spirit and reduce your stress in less than a min? This is how to do it, its simple and easy and will bring you self-love and peace. When you do this technique you will be slowing yourself down from being in the future worrying about […]

Welcome Vlog

This video is an introduction to what I want to do for you with this Vlog. I thank you for coming to see me and I hope you can pop back next month for the new Vlog. If you would like to hear about my live events and courses let me know by joining my […]

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