Reduce Stress Levels Foster Contentment & Happiness

Today is a video that is perfect for you if you would like to reduce your stress levels even if life is in complete transition. After  a week where my cat died, I have decluttered and changed my relationship status I really got to use the tools that I share in this video! Dive in […]

6 Top Tips for dealing with Stress

6 top tips for dealing with stress #MindfulMonday In today’s video I share a little about the big journey I am about to go on, I am letting go of most of my possessions and going on a road trip from one end of the UK to the other. This is a scary thing to […]

Why just doing it is better than perfecting it!

I know how scary it can be to just put yourself out there worts and all, but you see this world is in such a mess and you are a gifted person. We all are and the longer we stay hiding behind lack of confidence and socially preconditioned ideas of what is perfect the longer […]

Let’s Talk Energy

Let’s talk energy! This is an FB live broadcast done for a friend of mine Jen Philips April on some top tips to gain more energy right now! I cover: 2 superfoods to boost your energy 2 must do lifestyle practices for supercharging your energy the connection between meditation and your gut This is the […]

Miracle Morning {part 5} Sharpen your tool

If you want to provide the best service for your clients you need to keep your knowledge base high, that is why Reading ‘Sharpening my Tool’ is part of my Miracle morning.  There are many ways you can craft a Miracle morning to suit your needs and your daily habits so drop me an email […]

Work, family balance… what is it?

In this video I share the No1. strategy top entrepreneurs use to make sure you keep nurturing your family relationships. #FortuneFriday As entrepreneur’s we can often be caught up in what we’re doing as it is so exciting for us but when we share it with our non-entrepreneur circle it lands slightly different. Some of […]


Miracle Morning {part 4}

MiracleMorning {part 4} Body brushing and affirmations. This is the second last video in the series I hope you have enjoyed learning about the miracle morning and how to craft one for yourself. Would you like guidance in crafting your own? Book a discovery call with me and we can make it happen: Missed the […]

Why Healing is good for business

Today’s vlog is all about why it is important for business to clear out any inner issues you may have. Healing can get messy so make sure you get support while doing it but I can tell you from experience that when you face your inner demons you become so much more clear! This is […]

Miracle Morning {part 3}

Miracle morning part 3: Nutrition We have been walking through 3 weeks of a Miracle Morning covering Meditation: Excercise and now Nutrition. The Miracle Morning is a way of crafting your morning to ensure success as you build a strong foundation with which to build a sustainable business with You and Your health at the […]

Show up, Speak and Shine

Do you wish you had the guts to stand up and speak about you and your business with absolute confidence?  This one day workshop is an invitation into my home to learn how to show up, speak and shine. At the end of the day you will know how to: Feel completely grounded – imagine […]

Miracle Morning {part 2}

Miracle Morning part 2: Excercise! Why it is good… why you need to add this to your Miracle Morning and how to be chilled about it.. Go with the flow and honor where you are. #MindfulMonday In today’s video I chat about how I have seamlessly added exercise into my miracle morning and how meditation has made this […]

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