Quick Answer: What Is EPG On My TV?

Why does my TV Guide say no information?

If you’re having problems with the TV Guide, it could mean your device isn’t receiving the correct signals needed to populate it.

To fix this the best options are to restart or retune your device – see our guides on how to do this in the related content section below..

How do I get EPG data?

Go to http://iptv-epg.com and get EPG for 60+ countries and 6500+ channels. There you get EPG for US and UK channels too. You can create a personalized EPG list with a few clicks and your xml is generated within seconds.

What does EPG mean?

electronic program guideAn electronic program guide (EPG) is an application used with digital set-top boxes and newer television sets to list current and scheduled programs that are or will be available on each channel and a short summary or commentary for each program. EPG is the electronic equivalent of a printed television program guide.

How do I get TV Guide On my Samsung TV?

How to Access the Guide in Samsung Smart TV?CLICK HERE to know how to Access the Channel List in Samsung Smart TV.a). Press the MENU button.b). Select Broadcasting.c). Select Guide.d). … NOTE : List of Channels available in Guide option will depend upon your cable connection and the services provided by your cable operator.

What’s wrong with Freeview TV Guide?

If you’re having problems with the TV Guide, it could mean your device isn’t receiving the correct signals needed to populate it. Please note that programme information can take some time to be received, so allow 5-10 minutes for the guide to populate.

What does EPG time shift mean?

electronic program guideIn broadcasting, time shifting is the recording of programming to a storage medium to be viewed or listened to after the live broadcasting. … In recent years, the advent of the digital video recorder (DVR) has made time shifting easier, by using an electronic program guide (EPG) and recording shows onto a hard disk.

EPG (electronic program guide): EPG is now a days an important part of an iptv subscription. Users pay to the provider who offer EPG including the subscription. This is a software that let you know whats current program on the tv channels and what will be the next till weekend.

Why do my TV channels say to be announced?

The “To Be Announced” message on your guide indicates that no programming information is being provided by the broadcaster or your cable box has not downloaded the programming information for that date/time. This commonly happens after a power outage or after you have reset your cable box by unplugging the power cable.

Why does my TV Guide say no data?

If your cable box states “No Data Available” on your program guide, disconnect the power from the box for about 30 seconds. Plug the box back up and wait for the time to appear on the front of the box before turning the power to the box back on. This should refresh the program guide data to the box.

What does EPG mean on a TV?

Electronic programming guidesElectronic programming guides (EPGs) and interactive programming guides (IPGs) are menu-based systems that provide users of television, radio and other media applications with continuously updated menus that display scheduling information for current and upcoming broadcast programming (most commonly, TV listings).

What does EPG not available mean?

Not available when no digital services have been stored. The display of the EPG depends on the TV setup and whether the broadcast signal contains an EPG data. To ensure that EPG will display properly whenever data is available, follow the steps below. Set the Signal Type to Antenna.

Why can’t I get the guide on my TV?

If the Guide does not appear on HD channels, make sure your TV is on the right input (HDMI, Component, TV…). If the problem persists, unplug your receiver and wait 15 seconds. Plug the power back in and wait 30 minutes before trying Guide or Menu again.

What is live with EPG?

An electronic program guide or EPG is an interactive screen guide found on set-top boxes, mobile apps and websites. It is best known as a “TV Guide” that cord-cutters and streamers use for live television. In addition, IPTV subscribers often use an EPG when surfing or browsing through their various channel options.