Quick Answer: How Can I Get SBI CIF Number Through SMS?

How can I know my SBI CIF number by SMS?

Submit request letter to the branch manager with KYC documents to issue a new passbook.

For more information, you may call to the SBI toll-free numbers 1800112211 or 18004253800.

Important Note: CIF number is not displayed in SBI checkbook and there is no way to know CIF no.

through SMS..

How can I get my SBI account CIF number?

There are different ways of finding a CIF number in SBI, mainly, offline and online. Method 1- It may appear on the first page of the chequebook. Method 4- You can call at the toll-free numbers of SBI 1800112211, 18004253800 or, 080-26599990. Provide basic details like account number in order to verify your identity.

Is CIF number and IFSC code same?

CIF stands for customer information file and contains details of all accounts of the accountholder. The account number and the CIF remains the same, however the IFSC code (as it is branch specific) will change.

Can I have two CIF number in SBI?

You can’t link two accounts under different CIF through internet banking. … RBI mandates Unique Customer Identification Code (UCIC) for banks’ customers in India. Every unique customer should have a unique customer number. So tell the bank you have two CIFs.

Can I transfer SBI CIF online?

Yes if you have SBI Internet Banking you can transfer both CIF and Account to different branch online, and its quite convenient and easy than visiting your home branch. Go to www.onlinesbi.com and log in with your username and password. … submit it and your branch is changed. it’s so simple.

What is CIF number in CBI passbook?

CIF stands for Client Information Document, it’s an essential number. CIF stores account holder complete information. It’s virtually automatic file preserved by a bank to store details of the account holder. CIF is of 11 digits at the Central Bank of India.

How can I get my CIF number without passbook?

Step 1: After you log in, you need to open Services. Step 2: You then need to click on ‘Online Nomination’. Step 3: You need to select the ‘Transaction Account’ and your ‘account number’ on the screen that appears. Step 4: You can then see your CIF number being displayed there along with other details.

How can I get CIF number of CBI through SMS?

You can obtain your CIF number by making a call to customer care at 1800221911. Provide your account details as demanded by the customer care executive and you can get the CIF number upon request. You can request the Account Executive at the bank branch to obtain your CIF number.

Is CIF number and account number Same?

No, CIF no. is unique no. for a customer throughout the bank whereas one can have multiple accounts in a bank under the same CIF. NO, THIS IS THE CUSTOMER IDENTIFICATION NUMBER, IF SOME PEOPLE HAVING SAVING,RD,FD ACCOUNT, ACCOUNT NUMBER OF THESE ACCOUNT ARE DIFFERENT BUT CIF NUMBER REMAINS SAME FOR ALL.

How can I get my CIF number from ATM?

Originally Answered: Where is the CIF number on an ATM card? On the backside of the card, there will be one three digit number – not printed – however, pasted at the last edge of the white portion.

How can I get my SBI account number without passbook?

Originally Answered: How do I know my SBI account number when I lost my passbook? You can visit either your Home Branch of the Bank or any other Branch. They can find the account number using your name or Pan Number.

How can I get SBI mini statement by SMS?

Customers can call on ‘9223766666’ or send SMS ‘BAL’ for balance inquiry. Call can be made to ‘9223866666’ or send SMS ‘MSTMT’ to get the mini statement. Instant reply will be sent through SMS.