Quick Answer: Can You Eat Cereal With Powdered Milk?

Can you eat cereal with milk?

If you want to eat a bowl of cold cereal, pour the cereal into the bowl first, then slowly pour milk over the cereal.

Add sliced fruit, like berries or bananas, to your cereal bowl for extra flavor and nutrients.

You can either add more cereal drink the milk straight from the bowl!.

Can you eat cereal with water instead of milk?

The taste of milk conflicts with the taste of the cereal, whereas water does not. While still getting the same texture, water does not ruin the taste of cereal.

What can I eat cereal with besides milk?

13 Genius Ways to Eat Cereal Without MilkColorful and Sweet Lucky Charms Cookie Sandwich. PIN IT. Photo by Kirby Barth. … DIY Momofuku Cereal Milk. PIN IT. Photo by Aja Frost. … Crunchy and Sweet Breakfast Oatmeal. PIN IT. … Chocolate and Peanut Butter Puppy Chow. PIN IT. … “Fried” Ice Cream. PIN IT. … Banana Crunch. PIN IT. … DIY Customizable Granola. PIN IT. … Bite-Sized Smores. PIN IT.More items…

Do you have to eat cereal with milk?

Milk is neutral enough (flavor-wise) to be enjoyed and added to any cereal. Most cereals are made to be eaten with milk. A certain chocolate-flavored cereal comes to mind, which effectively turns regular cow’s milk into chocolate milk while you are eating it by diffusion of whatever is in the cereal.

What milk goes best with cereal?

The Best Type of Milk to Pair Your Favorite Cereal WithWhole Milk. PIN IT. Photo by Delaney Strunk. Though too thick for some, whole milk is a cereal staple. … Soy Milk. PIN IT. Photo by Delaney Strunk. … Almond Milk. PIN IT. Photo by Delaney Strunk. … Coconut Milk. PIN IT. Photo by Delaney Strunk.

Why does cereal taste good with milk?

Simply put, milk tastes good with cereal because the milk is naturally sweet and has some fat for “mouth feel,” qualities often lacking in the dry cereal product.