Question: Which Is Better A70 Or S9?

How long will s9 be supported?

Both the phones have received full support and 2 major updates for 2 years.

They’ll not get major update now onwards.

But Samsung will support them for 2 more years (atleast 1) by providing security updates or Bug fix/patches..

Is the Galaxy a70 any good?

The Samsung Galaxy A70 uses an octa-core Snapdragon 675 chipset. This is a mid-range but dependable offering, with two cores running at 2Ghz and six running at 1.7GHz. That’s backed up by 6GB of RAM, which combined offer strong performance, especially for what this phone costs.

Why is my Galaxy s9 so slow?

Memory problems are usually the underlying cause. But in the case where a new smartphone is running very slow, usually software glitches like rogue apps and bad updates are to blame. Fortunately for software-related performance issues, there are ways to bring a device back to its optimum performance level.

Should I buy a50 or a70?

The Galaxy A70 is a bigger phone with a larger display compared to the Galaxy A50. … The A70 gets a 32MP primary camera with f/1.7 aperture, while the A50 gets a 25MP f/1.7 main camera. Both the phones offer similar 8MP ultra wide-angle and 5MP depth cameras.

Is a70 Samsung waterproof?

Is Galaxy A70 waterproof? No. Samsung Galaxy A70 is not a water-resistant mobile phone.

Which Samsung A is the best?

The best Samsung phones you can buy right nowSamsung Galaxy S20 Plus. The best Samsung phone available. … Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. A very good Samsung phone if you can afford it. … Samsung Galaxy S20. … Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. … Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus. … Samsung Galaxy S10e. … Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. … Samsung Galaxy S10.More items…•

How long will Samsung s9 last?

Galaxy S9 battery test results (Snapdragon 845 chipset)Battery capacityCNET video drain test average*Galaxy S93,000mAh15 hours, 30 minutes (15.5 hours)Galaxy S83,000mAh16 hoursGalaxy S9 Plus3,500mAh18 hoursGalaxy S8 Plus3,500mAh17 hours, 18 minutes (17.3 hours)Jul 30, 2018

Are there any problems with the Galaxy s9?

Users have been complaining for months that intermittent connection issues are striking the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, with problems including periodic drops in connection, an inability to pair, and a refusal to reconnect to car-based Bluetooth systems.

Why is my Galaxy s9 battery dying so fast?

If you find that the battery on your S9 or S9+ is getting depleted faster than usual, then the first step is to isolate the issue. Android has built-in controls to prevent apps from using up system resources in the background, but an errant app update could cause it to misbehave.

Can barely hear on Samsung s9?

Can’t hear calls on Samsung phoneMaximise the Call volume. … Restart your device. … Update the software to the latest version on your device. … Check with your Service Provider. … Start your device in Safe mode. … Check the microphone and receiver of your device. … Perform a Factory Data Reset on your device.

Which is better a51 or a70?

The A70 has a bigger screen and it’s generally fast than A51. It also supports 25W fast charging. On the other hand, A51 has Android 10 out of the box, new design, and quad camera. … At the end of the day, it all comes to your personal choice, if you need a better display and good performance then you should go for A70.

How much is a galaxy s9 worth?

Here’s how much your old Samsung Galaxy phone is worth nowModelOriginal priceFlipsy resale valueGalaxy S8 (2017)$750$242Galaxy S8+ (2017)$850$225Galaxy S9 (2018)$720$316Galaxy S9+ (2018)$840$3609 more rows•Feb 14, 2019

Is s9 good in 2020?

Should you buy a Samsung Galaxy S9 in 2020? Best answer: The Galaxy S9 is still fine a phone, and holds its own in 2020 thanks to its solid specs, great screen, and updated software that mostly matches the Galaxy S20. That makes it worth a look if you want Samsung on a budget.

Which phone is better than Samsung a70?

Samsung Galaxy A70 vs Samsung Galaxy A50 comparisonShow Only Differences Highlight DifferencesSamsung Galaxy A70Samsung Galaxy A50Display6.70-inch6.40-inchProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 675-Front Camera32-megapixel25-megapixelRear Camera32-megapixel + 8-megapixel + 5-megapixel25-megapixel + 5-megapixel + 8-megapixel75 more rows

Why is s9 discontinued?

As per the report, Samsung India Electronics told the government in a letter that if import duties are levied on display panels, the cost of manufacturing will go up and we will have to stop the manufacturing of Samsung flagship products (Note 9 and S9) in India.

Which is better s10 or a70?

Samsung’s $500 Galaxy A70 Has Bigger Screen and Battery Than S10 Plus. The Samsung mid-tier smartphone costs nearly a third as much as some versions of the S10, with very similar or even better specs in some cases. … The A70’s display is larger than even the S10 Plus’ at 6.7 inches.