Question: Where Is Nike On The Fortune 500?

Where is Home Depot on the Fortune 500 list?

Sales jumped 7.2% last year, helped by a big assist from its digital business, which grew 24.1%….Company Info.CEOCraig A.

MenearHQ LocationAtlanta, Ga.Website on Fortune 500 List25Employees413,0003 more rows.

Where is Microsoft on the Fortune 500 list?

Microsoft reached its highest ranking ever on the Fortune 500, up five spots from last year, and churned out $39 billion in profits to boot. In Microsoft’s fiscal 2019, overall sales soared 14% year-over-year, to $125.8 billion.

Is Toyota on the Fortune 500?

Toyota Ranked 6th in Fortune Global 500 List. … The producer of top-of-the-line , Toyota Motor Corp. was the only Asian company that made it to the top 10 of Fortune Global 500 rankings. Toyota’s revenue of $204.75 billion has qualified it for the 6th position.

Where is Humana on the Fortune 500?

Humana is yet another health insurer which climbed the ranks in the latest Fortune 500 list. In 2019, the company’s consolidated revenues grew to nearly $56.5 billion, a more than $8 billion spike from the previous year.

What is the number 1 company on the Fortune 500?

The Fortune Global 500, also known as Global 500, is an annual ranking of the top 500 corporations worldwide as measured by revenue….Fortune Global 500 list of 2019.Rank1CompanyWalmartCountryUnited StatesIndustryRetailRevenue in USD$514 billion9 more columns

How big is Humana?

As of 2014 Humana had over 13 million members in the U.S., reported a 2013 revenue of US$41.3 billion, and had 41,600 employees. In 2018, the company ranked 56 on the Fortune 500 list, which made it the highest ranked (by revenues) company based in Kentucky. It has been the third largest health insurance in the nation.

Is Target a Fortune 500?

In 2011, Target renovated nearly 400 locations, bringing the number of revamped stores up to 900. The company plans an additional 230 remodels by the end of the year. Figures are for fiscal year ended Jan. 31, 2012….Our annual ranking of America’s largest corporations.Rank # of Fortune 500 CompaniesNew York502 more rows

Where is Lowe’s on the Fortune 500?

Company InfoCEORobert A. NiblockHQ LocationMooresville, NCWebsitehttp://www.lowes.comYears on Fortune 500 List22Employees225,0002 more rows

What are the top 5 Fortune 500 companies?

The Top 101Walmart.2Exxon Mobil.3Apple.4Berkshire Group.7McKesson.8CVS Health.More items…

What are the top Fortune 100 companies?

2019 Fortune 100 Top 10Apple.Berkshire Group.McKesson.CVS Health.AT&T.AmerisourceBergen.More items…•

Is Facebook in the Fortune 500?

It appears that 2019 will be a rollercoaster: The company has said it expects to pay a fine of up to $5 billion related to a Federal Trade Commission probe into how it manages user data….Company Info.CEOMark ZuckerbergWebsitehttp://www.facebook.comYears on Fortune 500 List7Employees35,5874 more rows

Is Deloitte a Fortune 500?

Deloitte Fortune 500. “an annual list compiled and published by Fortune magazine that ranks 500 of the largest U.S. corporations by total revenue for their respective fiscal years. ” It also says that the list is composed of public and privately held companies. Unfortunately Deloitte is not ranked in the Fortune 500.

Is Humana a Fortune 100 company?

Louisville-based Humana Inc. (NYSE: HUM) remains the highest-ranking local Fortune 500 company, coming in at No. 56 on the 2019 list with $56.9 billion in annual revenue. … ranked at No.

How much money did Humana make last year?

The company’s annual revenue grew more than $6 billion last year, and its operating income also received a substantial boost thanks to the tax cut passed at the end of 2017, which led Humana to pay $1.2 billion less in federal taxes last year.

What is Lowe’s net worth?

Lowe’s shares traded at over $96 per share, and its market capitalization was valued at over US$75.8 billion in October 2018.