Question: What Is A Food Safety?

Why should we care about food safety?

Food safety poses a global health problem.

According to the World Health Organization, contaminated food can cause more than 200 diseases – and food- and water-borne diseases that cause diarrhea are estimated to kill two million people each year worldwide.

And food safety is not just someone else’s problem..

Why is it important to have a food safety program?

A food safety program is a written plan that shows what a business does to ensure that the food it sells is safe for people to eat. It is an important tool to help businesses handle, process or sell potentially hazardous foods. This is necessary to maintain safe food handling practices and protect public health.

What is important about food safety?

Why Is Food Safety Important? Foodborne illnesses are a preventable and underreported public health problem. … People older than age 50 and those with reduced immunity are at greater risk for hospitalizations and death from intestinal pathogens commonly transmitted through foods.

Why is food handling important?

You are an important link in the farm-to-table chain. NUMBER 3: Safe food handling saves money. Foodborne illness costs billions each year in health care costs and lost wages. … But we must store foods properly, cook them thoroughly and keep our hands and work areas clean.