Question: How Do I Stop Etisalat Daily Data Auto Renewal?

What is non stop data plan Etisalat?

The Nonstop Data Plan is a limited-time promotion.

In case of availability of other volume-based data packs and/or plans, the regular data allowance with higher speed is consumed first.

The daily fair usage allowance of 150MB@192Kbps will be reset every day at midnight..

How do I cancel my Etisalat daily data plan?

Can I deactivate the plan? You can deactivate the Daily Social Data Plan at any time by texting “C DSP” to 1010.

How do I unsubscribe from Etisalat combo pack?

Unsubscribe: By dialling *170# or *101# By texting “C COM35” to 1012.

How can I activate free data on Etisalat?

In a media statement, the operator explained that customers can initiate the mobile data gift via its mobile App (Etisalat UAE), dial the *170*6# USSD code or send the relevant keyword for their preferred data package (there are six configurations of data gifting, from 100MB up to 20GB – see table below for details).

How do I buy data on Etisalat?

How to buy data on EtisalatFor a plan that gives you 2 GB of data from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. and on the weekends for a month, use the code *229*3*12#. … For a similar plan that gives you 5 GB under the same circumstances, use the code *229*3*13#. … If you need 1 GB for 30 days, use the code *229*2*7#.More items…•

How can I get 1gb data on Etisalat?

1GB + 1GB Social Data PackVia the My Etisalat UAE app.By dialling *101# – free.By texting “DATA” to 1010 – AED 0.30/SMS (5% VAT excluded) You’ll receive automatic data usage notifications via SMS when you consume 80%, 90% and 100% of your data pack or plan.

How do I subscribe for Etisalat unlimited data?

How can I activate the data packs and plans?Via My Etisalat UAE app.Logging on to the relevant code to 1010 (Note: AED 0.30/SMS, 5% VAT excluded)Dialling *170# and following the instructions.Calling 101.

How do I cancel my daily AED 4 bundle?

dutweets‏ @dutweets 3 Sep 2019. Replying to @Rajasekaranca. Hello Rajasekaran, please dial *135*8# and follow the instructions to deactivate the daily social bundle. Thanks. 4 replies 0 retweets 1 like. … 2 more replies.

How do I stop Etisalat 150mb auto renewal?

Etisalat Daily 150MB Package The validity time is just 24 hours and the package will automatically be renewed after 24 hours. so if you don’t this package anymore you will need to deactivate it. For activation of 150 MB daily plans for AED 4, dial *170# or send DP4 to 1012 for the subscription.

How do I unsubscribe from daily data?

Unsubscribe: By dialling *170# or *101# By texting “C DS2” to 1012….Additional benefits:Usage and renewal notifications designed for convenience.Social Plus data includes access to Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, WeChat, Snapchat, Instagram, BOTIM* and C’Me.More items…

How do I activate Etisalat daily data plan?

150MB Daily PlanVia the My Etisalat UAE app.By dialling *170*1# or *101#By texting “DATA” to 1010 – AED 0.30/SMS (5% VAT excluded)

How do I check my Etisalat prepaid offers?

To check your balance: dial *121# To find prepaid offers and promotions: dial *101# To get Deal of the Day: dial *050# To transfer credit: type the command *100*mobile number*amount# and press ok.

How can I check my Etisalat offer?

How can I subscribe to the Deal of the Day offer?Dial *050# or text “DEAL” to 1204.You will receive an SMS (from sender ID 1204) which will carry the eligible offer.Reply to the message by texting “YES” to subscribe to the offer.You will receive a confirmation message confirming that the offer is activated.