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“This year I decided I had to learn to be much better at listening to myself and really focusing on the needs of my own mind and body. For years I have dedicated myself to supporting others and then one day I woke up and felt like I had nothing else to give.

Mindfulness has been something I have played with for years and yet working with Sian and by using this resource I was inspired to commit to creating sacred time for meditation every day. I found this mini-course hugely useful in finding out what works for me, the meditation tracker made me consciously aware of when I kept to my commitment and what times worked best.

If you haven’t booked a More Time, More Energy Breakthrough session yet with Sian I highly recommend it. She is a lady with a wealth of knowledge and skills to calm your mind and boost your energy and she just oozes passion to support you to sustain high levels of energy.”  Sheryl Andrews: Step by Step Listening


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“I was a complete meditation novice.  I’d heard about people using meditation but never really made time to incorporate it into my routine.  Sian’s mini meditation is great because it introduces you to different types of meditation, which you can use as and when you need them.  Sian has a really calming voice so it’s easy to be guided through the process.  I particularly like the zen walking meditation because you move whilst you’re doing it.  But it takes some practice to slow down to the rhythm of your breaths.  I also like the bonus meditation is really relaxing, this one is great for on an evening before bed”.

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