Is It Worth Trying To Sell On Etsy?

When it comes to the world of eCommerce, there are numerous avenues full of opportunities, especially for sellers. Regardless of what you wish to sell, there will always be a platform to support your endeavors, and that is exactly what makes the eCommerce industry such a multi-faceted one.

Pros & Cons To Consider While Selling On Etsy

Etsy, a platform that allows artists to sell their creations through their store. From jute bags to embroidery, Etsy is a marketplace where you will come across myriad products, which is the reason this eCommerce business has been taking the world by storm during recent times.

Pros & Cons To Consider While Selling On Etsy

So, such an increase in its popularity begs the question of whether or not selling your products through Etsy is really worth it.

Pros Of Etsy

When it boils down to it, selling on Etsy is in fact, worth it. It offers a plethora of advantages to its users and provides an active as well as an engaging marketplace for artists as well as art connoisseurs. Some of the key advantages that make Etsy such a great place to sell artwork, is the fact that it is easily affordable and can be accessed by pretty much anyone. 

All you have to do in order to get started is create an account and set up your Etsy store. Each listing costs only 20 cents, plus a 5% commission, which proves to be quite cost-effective when compared to other marketplaces. Moreover, its user-friendly interface makes it usable by pretty much anyone. So, whether you are a novice or a seasoned seller, Etsy provides options for both. Etsy has also become a household name in the field of selling art and craft, which means that its wide reach provides an incredible opportunity for sellers to capitalize on. With multiple selling options and no ceiling on what you can sell, Etsy truly proves to be a haven for lovers of art. 

Some Cons To Consider 

Albeit Etsy paints quite the rosy picture, like most good things, there are going to be some drawbacks. Now, these drawbacks are by no means insurmountable, but they are just some things to keep in mind and watch out for during your Etsy journey. They include disadvantages such as the fact that it is quite difficult to establish your personal brand via Etsy since, on the face of it, people are simply going to recognize you as one of its vast sea of sellers.

 The competition can get quite high in a lot of cases, which means that it may act as a hindering factor for sellers who are new to the market. Furthermore, there are always going to be sellers who are going to try to mimic your products, so ensuring that the stuff you sell is absolutely unique, becomes a priority. 


Etsy is a great market for you to get started on your sales. The opportunities that this eCommerce platform provides, definitely trump any lingering deterring factors. That being said, once you have established yourself on Etsy, it might be time to consider other channels, since Etsy does have very little scope for branding.

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