How To Make Money Using Google Trends

Google trends sure do has become one of the biggest trends in the money-making world. And the most ideal formula to take advantage of this wealth mantra is to develop a product review site. Yes, you may have heard of this numerous times. But truth be told, it never fails. Mainly because the world of technology is growing rapidly and with each new product that is launched in the market, the competition elevates. 

5 Major Tips To Make Money Via Google Trends

Now, this is where Google trends come in handy as you can develop a general affiliate website that involves a comparison of two products or even make a product review site. Either way, people get to have an in-depth knowledge of the most popular product and whether or not they should spend on it. This is just one method that talks about how you can make money using Google trends. But firstly, what else can you gain from using Google trends? 

 Major Tips To Make Money Via Google Trends

No one knows the importance of keywords more than a digital marketer. The key to high traffic is of course the right keywords themselves. And the more traffic to your website, the more profit you can make. But for that, you need to research the trending topics and develop related content accordingly. 

The next benefit that you can have from Google trends is measuring the popularity of a particular product, company, or even a person. And again, keywords are the way in which this is done. Simply type the keyword on Google trends and voila! You can see the rate of the prominence of what you searched. 

And these two factors come down to one thing, that is, profit generation. But, how exactly?

Here are some major tricks and tips that you can make money via Google trends this 2022! 

  • News Websites: News websites are impossible to go out of style mainly because the topics are unlimited. Moreover, you dont need expert knowledge or skills to run a news website. Google trends is more than enough. Make a list of all the trending topics and write content or make videos accordingly. Not only does this help people to stay updated on the latest but also helps in monetization. 
  • Blog Websites: Blogging, particularly event blogging is one of the best ways to generate income via Google trends, according to experts. Keywords related to each occasion or event can drive in more traffic, which can be converted into money with the help of advertisements, affiliate products, etc. 
  • Product Reviews: As I have mentioned earlier, product reviews is a trendy and clever formula when it comes to monetization through Google trends. The best part of product reviews is that you can promote the right product and generate sales easily. Google trends give you an accurate comparison of the hot products or brands in the market and this can help you decide on the right product to create reviews or affiliate websites on. 
  • Youtube: You already know how since the pandemic began, this app has become one of the most popular money-making tools. Apply Google trends and boom! You can make profits effortlessly. Keyword research, video creation that includes attractive thumbnails and titles can get your videos to go viral, which can be monetized through advertisements. 
  • Ecommerce: For a successful online business, Google trends couldn’t be more important. It helps you decide the exact products that you want to sell and grow your target audience accordingly. 


There are various other alternatives to Google trends such as Serpstat, Semrush, Moz Pro, etc that give you a detailed insight into research on keywords, competitors, and more. 

If you really get into the research process and use the right tactics, making money through Google trends is a piece of cake. Furthermore, staying in touch with your target audience can help amplify the profits and contribute to the growth of your business. 

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