How To Do An E-commerce Business Using Pinterest

Stepping into the arena of e-commerce will require you to be armed with all the right tools and armor, in order to keep your business afloat for a long time. Making use of various avenues and platforms that are available at your disposal is a must-do if you wish to survive in this cut-throat market.

5 Useful Tips That Helps To Do An Ecommerce Business Using Pinterest

Pinterest, a social media app that primarily allows users to search for, scroll through and save images in the form of pins, is a great platform to do so. The average sale order is at least $50 on this app, which is higher than most other platforms which offer sellers the option to sell their products.

Useful Tips That Helps To Do An Ecommerce Business Using Pinterest

Moreover, close to 93% of the users of Pinterest use this app to purchase products, thus improving the chances of you generating a good revenue stream. So, how exactly do you make use of this platform to sell your products and services? 

Set Up Your Account  

The first step involved in starting your Pinterest journey is setting up your account. Since you wish to set up an e-commerce business, you will be required to upgrade to the business account, which you can do for absolutely no cost. This upgrade opens up a whole lot of options for you, such as data on your customers’ behavior and the option to advertise your products. Claim your website as well, since it gives you more opportunities such as SEO benefits and easy access to newer features. 

Search Engine optimization

Since Pinterest is a platform that is heavily dependent on searches, you will need to stay on top of your SEO game. Pinterest already offers you various tools to ensure you pick the right keywords, so you may make use of them. Ensure that you add in all the right words by doing your research and by understanding the psyche of your customer base so that your business can go up on the organic searches. 

Rich Pins  

The rich pin is a feature on Pinterest that was designed specifically to help out sellers. It basically gives you the option to add product details as well the cost of the product right on the pin. You simply have to go to the Rich Pin Validator, add the necessary code, and then proceed to validate it, after which it will be accessible to you.

Make Your Content Stand Out

Pinterest is full of sellers attempting to give their customers the best of their products and services. However, this means that the buyers are now presented with an ocean of options, and depending on the quality of your pictures, you may or may not get picked. In order to avoid getting overpowered by additional pins, you can ensure that your pictures stand out from the rest, which in turn catches the customer’s eye and can bring them towards your service. 

Update Your Pinterest Board

As an e-commerce business, the scope for interacting directly with your customers is very limited. However, you still want to maintain optimum retention rates and build customer loyalty. In order to do this, it is suggested that you keep updating your Pinterest board, not only with pictures of your products but also with some interesting information about them. This will help in keeping your customer engaged so that they can keep coming back to buy your products. 


Pinterest is an extremely useful platform for e-commerce business owners, and understanding its nooks and corners is an important aspect of being able to sell your products here. This social media giant offers you a plethora of tools and options to ensure your service is reading to the masses, so make sure you fully understand them and take full advantage of them to take your business to the next level. 

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