Direct And Interactive Approach In Ecommerce Strategy

In this pandemic, the e-commerce industry has developed much more than before. As a result, the difficulties of establishing and popularising an e-commerce site have become a crucial consideration. There are many approaches that will help you in the growth of your e-commerce among them, two of the most effective ones are the direct approach and interactive approach

Best Ecommerce Strategies In Direct & Interactive Approach

In the direct approach, the company presents information about their company, products, and services to potential customers. The direct approach focuses on persuading potential consumers who are most likely to become buyers, and it is only provided to them. 

Best Ecommerce Strategies In Direct & Interactive Approach

Some of the direct approach strategies that will help in the development of your e-commerce are given below:

Create An Ecommerce Website

Creating an e-commerce website is a must for your e-commerce since potential buyers require a place to go to learn more about your business. The website of your business will help you to make a first impression on your customer. So when creating an e-commerce website take care of things such as easy navigation, clear policies for returns and exchanges, better shopping experiences, the impressive layout of the website, etc.

Optimizing Your Website

One of the best approaches that will help you in making your website effective is using SEO (search engine optimization). SEO helps in making sure that your site is fully optimized for the targeted audience.

Developing An App

Having an app for your business that clients can download helps you stay on top of the e-commerce game. Your app’s push notification strategy will also draw consumers’ attention to your firm through notifications that appear on their smartphones and laptops.

The interactive approach in e-commerce is one-to-one marketing that centers on the customers and their actions. This type of approach involves marketing methods that are based on the customer’s behavior and preferences. 

Some of the interactive approaches in e-commerce marketing are as follows:

Social Media Marketing

Social media is the best platform that will help you to implement your interactive marketing strategies free of cost. Social media marketing helps you to connect with people all around the world through feeds, recommendations, sharing, etc. The social medial platforms that have the potential to connect you with millions of people are Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.

E-mail Marketing

Email marketing is the foundation of the interactive approach. E-mail marketing allows you to bring the attention of potential audiences by using excellent visuals and tags copywriting, suggestions of your products to the audiences, discount offers, new product launches, etc. Personalizing e-mail marketing by including the audience’s user name and suggesting and introducing products and services that the customer might have an interest in will help in making e-mail marketing an effective approach.

Quizzes, Surveys, And Polls

These are some entertaining techniques to engage potential viewers. These quizzes, surveys, and polls can be on anything that will draw people to your business. These strategies can trigger an element of fun and excitement. These strategies are also very easy to share with others and provide the impression that the audience is being treated as a single individual.


These are some of the approaches that will help in the expansion of your e-commerce. The majority of the approaches discussed above are low in cost and can be adopted and implemented by small e-commerce business owners and newbies in the e-commerce field.

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