Different Types Of Ecommerce Platform For Your Online Business! (3) (1)

Starting an online business will require you to choose an eCommerce platform to run your website on. These services have evolved over a period of time to prevent the need to build new applications from scratch. They offer a new level of convenience and allow you to focus on the core challenges facing your online business.

3 Best Ecommerce Platforms

Most such platforms are also equipped with marketing tools, which makes them all the more lucrative. However, there are various types of eCommerce platforms as well, depending on the functionality and limitations they have to offer. Here are the most important such types, for you to choose from. 

Ecommerce Platforms

1️⃣ Hosted eCommerce platform:

As the name suggests, this is a platform that hosts multiple online websites such as yours. It is slightly restrictive when compared to other types of eCommerce platforms, but its functionality works absolutely fine. The payment mode here is either a monthly or yearly charge that is levied on utilizing the hosted platform and renewing it for further use. Users will not be able to make any changes to the code, nor will they be able to make any adjustments for the transfer of any data. While the development of the website may be quick, the expenditures can rise exponentially if you are a big business, since volume plays a role in the cost. SaaS is a slightly modified version of this type of eCommerce platform, much like cloud applications. 

2️⃣ Open-source:

Open source is the most common type of eCommerce platform and is widely being used by new business owners, and you can refer to the Kibo Eclipse Reviews to know more about to create a learning environment. It is quite possibly one of the most flexible types of eCommerce platforms since it provides plenty of room for adjustments of your choice. Open-source code is extremely easy to use, which means that you will be able to scale up and down extremely efficiently with the help of a sound technical team that can work its way around the code. Bug fixes are also easily possible in the case of such platforms. Most open-source e-commerce platforms also offer SEO and analytical tools, so it is the best type for new businesses. 

3️⃣ Licensed: 

A licensed eCommerce platform refers to one where you receive a one-time pass to set up your online store on the platform with a host of your choice. Depending on the license, your authority over the usage of the product and the source code may vary. Licensed platforms are good for those businesses who are looking for superior technical service from an association. It can often be considered as a cost-effective way of ensuring that your online business is kept away from the brink of stagnation and that you receive help in ensuring it. 

Ecommerce Platforms In The Market 

There are various eCommerce platforms of either type in the market. If you have decided to go ahead with hosted eCommerce platforms, then you have a wide range of options including big names such as Shopify, Volusion, BigCommerce, et cetera. WooCommerce, nopCommerce, X-cart, and Square Online are a few of the open-source eCommerce platforms that you can choose from. For those who go with a licensed platform, you basically make use of the store builder software, which means that you get a great deal of flexibility, and is definitely something you should shoot for.

The types of eCommerce platforms fall into a few distinct categories while providing various types of services. Pick out the one that meets your business requirements, and then proceed to peruse through such platforms in the market so you can zero in on one. 

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