Customer-Centric Ways To Personalize On-Site Content

The phrase ‘customer is king’ is an evergreen one, and the more content creators pay heed to it, the higher their chances of success will be. While preparing any kind of content, it is always important to keep the customer in mind and ensure that every step in the journey caters to their needs.

Customer-Centric Ways To Personalize On-Site Content

With an increase in various types of content and media, personalizing the journey has become a lot more imperative in this attempt to retain a customer’s attention and give them the best experience. So, how do you find a middle ground between the two, in a way that ensures satisfaction for both, your site and the customer? 

Customer-Centric Ways To Personalize On-Site Content
  1. Segment your demographic and create customer profiles – 

When most content creators narrow in on their key demographic, they often forget to take into account the fact that even this customer base is going to be highly heterogeneous.

As a result, doing ample research and then segmenting your customer base based on the factors that you found from your market research becomes important.

Once you divide your demographic into segments, you can attempt to personalize the entire experience for each demographic, by developing customer profiles and understanding what each customer would want during the journey.

Once you master this, it will become a lot easier to curate personalize content based on your demographic’s tastes and preferences. 

  1. Personalize CTA – 

CTA, or call to action, plays an extremely crucial role in improving your conversion rates. As a result, strategizing and personalizing this experience also becomes a necessity.

Don’t overdo your CTAs, since customers could find it very similar to badgering, and abandon their journey. It becomes imperative to analyze the shopping funnel and distribute any CTAs accordingly. You may even separate out your CTA depending on whether it is a customer or a non-customer. And also read the Kibo eclipse review to know more.

  1. Customize the navigation process – 

The navigation process can be quite tricky to master, but once you have done it, success is inevitable. No customer wants to spend hours looking for one single product, as a result, paying close attention to your site’s navigation panel becomes a crucial aspect.

Try to be as personal as possible, by tracking the customers’ previous buying habits and giving them suggestions as well as allowing them to search using keywords, pictures, et cetera. 

  1. Optimize your ‘thank you’ page – 

Your relationship with the customer can often open up once they have reached the end of the buying experience. This can be done with the help of an optimized ‘thank you’ page.

Customers often want to feel special for having shopped at your store, so a personalized thank you can do lot to improve customer loyalty.

Moreover, this page should not simply contain a thank you, but can be fully optimized with the help of opt-ins for the customer, wherein they can sign up for newsletters, discounts cards, email marketing, et cetera. 

  1. Capitalize on AI – 

AI is a great technological development, that is proving to be increasingly helpful for eCommerce sellers and content creators.

AI can help you track your customers’ behavior with intricate detail and subsequently provide you with product ideas, that will help you curate a truly personal experience for your customers. As a result, try to integrate any AI software that you think will work for your business, and make use of its recommendations to take on-site personalization to new heights. 

Personalizing your content for your customers can make your website a hit among your demographic. In this age of a plethora of eCommerce shopping options, customers are constantly on the lookout for a site that will cater to their needs and give them a customized shopping experience. So, turn this consumer need into an opportunity by following the above-mentioned steps, and turning your website into a truly successful one.

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