Best Welcome Email Example For Engaging Customers

You must have heard the first impression is the last impression. Sending an email to your customer is the first step to getting in touch with your customers. And doing it correctly is very important.

Elements To Make Welcoming Email Effective 

A welcoming email with just your brand introduction is not enough. Welcome emails being the first piece of information should be warm, precise, and structured in such a way that it targets your customer interest. 

Elements To Make Welcoming Email Effective 

There are many benefits of welcoming emails in e-commerce such as increased brand awareness,  showcasing top products, and whatnot. If your customers are engaged from the start then it will also help you in building trust. 

Here are the useful elements to make welcome email more effective:

  • Subject line – Welcome emails carry out high-quality while they’re sincerely identified. To make welcome emails clean to discover in crowded inboxes, many entrepreneurs use the word “Welcome” proper up the front withinside the difficulty line.
  • Greetings – It is always nice to greet your customers, they will feel welcomed and will engage more on that email. 
  • Timing – Send the welcome email timely. Your customer can get bored of sent later. Time matters. 
  • Include an Unsubscribe option – You don’t want to draw bad attention. So it is better to include an Unsubscribe link on your welcome email. So that, if a customer doesn’t like it they can leave. It will also show your way of caring and might help in return. 
  • Follow up on social media – You can ask your subscribers to follow you up on your other social media pages. In this way, your customers will engage on different platforms
  • Add Gift – Another effective way in which your customers will engage is by tagging a gift along with the email. Everyone likes gifts, so utilizing this option would be very beneficial. 

Best Examples Of Welcome Email

  • Asana – Asana’s welcome e-mail starts with the subject line of Welcome to Asana. The layout aligns with their product, which is first-rate for their typical emblem recognition. The messaging done is short and pointed, making the following steps clean for the subscriber.

The “Three matters to attempt out now” makes it clean for the consumer to get started, and quick benefit fee from the product. Also, they have got actionable captions that might be short. Plus, a colorful pink CTA button seems incredible and superbly contrasts the broad layout.

  • Eve Sleep – The subject line starts with your part of the family now. The layout will make you feel that you belong there. The whole announcement allows setting up the logo as human and caring, with a more true and purpose. We agree with anybody ought to wake up happy. It’s why we create outrageously cushy mattresses for an epic night’s sleep. After an announcement like that, not anything else matters; you already know you’re in the proper state to get your ideal mattress!
  • Mode – Their subject line starts with a welcome to mode. The layout begins off evolved with an easy hero image, providing coders round a desk, with a customized greeting on top. Next, you’re given realistic approaches to get started with Mode alongside proof of the analytics outlet and a 2-minute video walkthrough.

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