5 ways to Show up, Speak & Shine

Hello, My name is Sian Young, I have spoken in front of many audiences sizes, the most recent being the UN Global Climate Action Summit as an Affiliate presenter.

Sian has also been asked to be one of the first women to speak at TEDx Draponos Women in Crete at European Sustainability Academy – Crete


Learn my 5 Top Tips to Show up, Speak & Shine!

  • Are you finding that you are just not getting your message out there?
  • Low on energy and connection?
  • Do you want to learn the best preparation to Show up, Speak & Shine at your best?
What you will learn:
  • How food affects your ability to be grounded in your voice
  • How our biometric field can be our greatest asset when magnetising our audience
  • How to prep your body and mind before a presentation whether it be online or in person
  • You will learn how to stabilize your energy on a mental and physical level then use this power to present to your community a magnetizing, connecting presentation wherever you are!
  • Complimentary workbook to download
  • Complimentary Body Awareness meditation MP3 download
This is an #gutsyentrepreneur interactive event contact me for details of next session 

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