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Welcome to the business support part of my ethos

My business is built around making sure you as an entrepreneur make it, how can you make it if you are doing everything yourself? The not so secret key to success is ‘Delegation’ when you hand those pesky jobs that you hate doing over to a trusted helper you suddenly have time to be all you can be for your business.

My business model is all about firstly taking care of your Mind – Mindset support, meditation online courses its all about getting your mind in the right frame for life & business. I also support you with your Body – Nutritional advice, lifestyle choices & moving in the way that suits you though my various coaching packages. Now onto the pinnacle Business Support – VA assistance to get those pesky tasks done, make passive income out of work you have already done so that you have time to take care of your Mind – Body – Business

Why me?

I am an award winning entrepreneur and for 7 years owned and operated a fitness studio. During that time I published the world’s first online magazine in the pole fitness industry by doing this I have learned and used many skills in video editing, interviewing, filming and product creation. I have published 5 ebooks on Amazon and kept one for a lead generator as well as had one book published by a London publishing house, I also have an online course that was created using FB live video and supporting content, payment options, auto email flows, pdf’s, linking documents and maximising content that has already been created.

Using all the skills I have learned on this journey and that of my team’s we provide an holistic support system for entrepreneurs like you.

Some examples of my work

InfoGraphic: Successful Negotiation

Meditation: Bonus Meditation

Video editing: Testimonial

Ebooks from blogs:  The four swans of sustainability     7 steps to choosing a overseas market  How to Be Confident


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