Save yourself to Save the planet!

It’s a smart idea to take care of your health so that you can make the difference you want to make. The hard work you do can’t be at the cost of your health.

I learned the hard way with my mums’ words of wisdom in the background advising me that I need to save myself before I try and save the rest of the world.
I know the mission you are doing is of optimum importance and the community you are serving need you. But that is exactly it!
They need you to be physically and mentally healthy that’s why it is important to me that you are sustainable in your efforts.

It’s time to work smart not so hard that your health suffers, I know the healthier you are the more time and energy appears in your day, the smarter you work the greater impact you can have building a real legacy of change.

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You LOVE being of service and knowing that you are making an impact on the social & environmental ills of this world, you will make a real difference to the people you meet and you know they need what you offer.

The problem is you are so busy caring for others that you forget to eat, you snack at various networking events and get home late you will give every last ounce of your energy to make a difference.
But your body is sending you signals: an odd headache, stomach upset, down days and sleepless nights.
You genuinely want to feel healthier, stronger, happier and more focused, you just do not how, and you feel that your chosen cause is more important than you right now, there is always someone worse off right?.

Hello, I’m Sian Young

As a health coach, mindfulness teacher and award-winning entrepreneur I can help you implement healthy practices in your life I will share with you how to easily slot new ways of being into your daily life so that you can

Increase your efforts
Reach more people
Build a sustainable legacy
All with your health intact.

Save Yourself so you can Save the planet and its people.

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